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Due to the sudden end of Kagi, the payment processing company I used for 15 years, on July 31, 2016 (cf. Kagi),
only iconStiX can be purchased on the Mac App Store for the time being.
While a new order site is being prepared, please use a link below to download my programs for reinstallation or trial:
ColoFolXS v.1.5    DrawOutX v.1.9.1    iconXprit Icon iconXprit v.3.6    JiXii JiXii v.3.4.1

for OSX 10.10-
ca.8.2 MB

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Easy-to-use custom icon tool to combine and attach images to desktop items.
iconStiX is a custom icon tool to combine images, shapes & text and attach the composition to desktop items such as folder. You can use the app normally or as Finder's services.
Main Features:
  multiple objects (image, shape and text) can be added and ordered in a list
  edit the objects in various way (move, resize, rotate, skew, color, shadow, change font)
  a retouch tool (overdraw or erase specified color)
  preview of scaled images
  attach / remove custom icons (read/write permission is required)
  possible to change the max icon size to reduce memory use (refrain from high quality)
  saving own documents to be used as template (QuickLook compatible)
  export as image (icns, png, tiff)
  a separate panel to keep favorite icons
  Finder services: copy, attach, remove, and open (more...)

∙ newly replaced custom icons of alias/symlink as well as those of items at the desktop and in the list view are visible only after Finder-relaunch. Please click the Finder icon in the Dock with the option (⌥) key and select "Relaunch".
∙ on failing to attach custom icon to disk image volumes, make sure that enough memory is available.


For earlier OSX versions (v.10.6.x-), please visit the archive.

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