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07/17/2014  JiXii 3.3
07/17/2014  ColoFolX 1.1
07/11/2014  ColoFolXS 1.1.1
06/11/2014  iconXprit 3.3
01/03/2014  DrawOutX 1.7
10/24/2013  iconStiX 3.0

Thank you for your interest in Trollin's software programs for Mac OSX.
You can try most of the features of each program before purchasing your license code.
Please download any program(s) of your interest and read the documents included in the packages carefully.
In case you are using earlier OSX versions, you may interested in the archive.
If you decide to keep using any program, please purchase your license code at the Kagi order site.
At the Mac App Store ColoFolX and iconStix are available.
For more details, please visit the How to order page.

OSX 10.9

Mac App Store

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OSX 10.9

USD 5.50

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A compact icon tool specialized in coloring folders.

Please note ColoFolX [without the last "S"] is available at the Mac App Store (MAS) only and licences are NOT exchangeable. The MAS version is slightly different due to its limitation posed by the sandbox environment; for instance, it has NO shortcut-assignment possibility nor the double-click option. The two apps may also differ from each other according to their versions.

Basic steps are very simple:
1. Launch ColoFolX[S].
2. Drag & drop a folder to a color cell.
Or use as a Finder service:
1. Right- (or ctrl-) click a folder in the Finder.
2. Select "ColoFolX[S]" from the contextual menu.
3. Click a color cell.

Note: these steps need to be repeated if you like to change the same folder's color again.

Main Features:

Cell colors are adjustable with the color sliders or using the color panel.

Possible to keep not only colors but also your favorite folder icons on the main panel (drop an icon image to the empty cell while pressing the alt (option ⌥)-key).

Custom icon max size can be limited to reduce memory use.

Finder tags can be linked to the ColoFolX[S] colors, so that they are added or removed when you change icons with ColoFolX[S].

Possible to list the items marked with ColoFolX[S].

[ColoFolXS only] Shortcuts can be assigned to the removal function and each ColoFolXS color.

Note: they are valid while ColoFolXS is running, while the shortcut assigned to the Finder service works to launch the app.

For more details, please refer the readme file included in the package and click the '?' buttons in the app.  

What's new in ColoFolXS v.1.1.1 :

▪ Internal adjustments for the latest OS X (v.10.10 preview 3).

What's new in ColoFolX[S] v.1.1 :

▪ Coloring styles: color icon itself, add color frame, or color background of each icon.

Note: as to the first style, if you like to exclude the grayscale area from coloring, activate the caps lock key (⇪) beforehand.

▪ Option to update already colored items on changing cell colors.

Note: The scope directories to check for update can be selected each time or saved as default on the Setting panel. If no update is wanted while changing the cell color, activate the caps lock key to prevent the panel from appearing.

▪ Options for sync between Finder tags and ColoFolXS color markers.

Note: if a color is not linked to any tags, it is now considered "no tags" instead of "undefined". So, by the 'tags to color' sync, if an item has no linked tags but a color, the color is removed (instead of ignored).

▪ More help by adding new tags on the Setting panel.

▪ [ColoFolX only] Double-clicking a cell opens a navigation panel to select items to color.

▪ [ColoFolX only] As an option, double-click can repeat color-change of the items just handled.

▪ [ColoFolXS only] Option to quit the app after Finder service.


Note: If you are looking for a tool to bring color to the sidebar icons, you may like SideEffects.

for OSX 10.9



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Easy-to-use custom icon tool to combine and attach images to desktop items.
iconStiX is a custom icon tool to combine images, shapes & text and attach the composition to desktop items such as folder. You can use the app normally or as Finder's services.
Main Features:
  multiple objects (image, shape and text) can be added and ordered in a list
  edit the objects in various way (move, resize, rotate, skew, color, shadow, change font)
  a retouch tool (overdraw or erase specified color)
  preview of scaled images
  attach / remove custom icons (read/write permission is required)
  possible to change the max icon size to reduce memory use (refrain from high quality)
  saving own documents to be used as template (QuickLook compatible)
  export as image (icns, png, tiff)
  a separate panel to keep favorite icons
  Finder services: copy, attach, remove, and open (more...)
What's new in v.3.0 :

▪ Internal revision to replace all the methods deprecated in OSX v.10.9 (or earlier).

▪ Color space option (generic RGB or sRGB) and possibility to adjust gamma.

Note: these settings are relevant to the created icons only. Selecting sRGB, you may need to make them lighter to match with what you see in the editor.

▪ Possible to copy (⇧⌘C) & paste the selected objects as they are between iconStiX documents.

Note: normal copy (⌘C) makes one image of all the objects.


For OSX v.10.6.x-10.8.x, iconStiX v.2.3.2 is available.

iconXprit Icon iconXprit
OSX 10.7- ca.17 MB


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Background custom icon service program for OS X Finder.
iconXprit enhances the Finder's services with its menu containing several custom icon relevant functions. It offers advanced features such as defining group colors, adding editable text, customizable menu, and an editor with a scribble tool, effect filters and free transformation, in addition to the basic attachment / removal possibilities.
After installation, ctrl-click (or right-click) an item in the Finder to get its contextual menu including "iconXprit". Then, select the menu item (click once) to get the full iconXprit service menu.
To skip the first step, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to "iconXprit" (e.g. ⇧⌘X; cf. "Services Preferences…" under the Finder menu).
For quicker use, iconXprit can be launched at log-in; then, its status item is visible in the menubar.
What's new in v.3.3:

▪ Two options to adjust coloring are added to the Preferences / Colors: a "Coloring intensity" slider and a "Color overall (no grayscale area exclusion)" check box.

▪ A few internal updates (by Finder selection retrieval, default icon retrieval, etc).

For earlier OSX, please check the archive.
for OSX 10.8-

ca.20 MB


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Create multi-page documents as making scrapbooks.
Draw and adjust path objects (default and custom shapes, free lines, or lines & curves in mixture), write or paste text where you want, drag & drop images which can be scaled and modified with various filters, add simple tables, stamp date & page... Finally export the whole or a part of the document in various image formats (pdf, tiff, jpeg, png, icns). You can also start with existing image files and add any objects described above.
Just handy for multiple purposes!
What's new in v.1.7

▪ adjustments for the current OS X (supporting Finder tags and replacing deprecated methods).

▪ several bug fix.

For OSX 10.3.x-10.7.x, please have a look at the archive.
for OSX 10.8-

ca.17 MB


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Jigsaw puzzle with your favorite images - relax or challenge with the timer.

You can adjust various puzzle settings (image size, piece patterns and numbers, single or two-sided), view options (board color, piece outline, etc.), sounds and shortcut key assignment.
To change image, drop your image (e.g. your digital photo such as you see here ) on the program icon or on the puzzle board if JiXii is already open.
Your puzzles can be saved as "JiXii Cards" (.jixi) with your message and specific settings separately from the main puzzle.
What's new in v.3.3

▪ Internal revision for faster piece creation & drawing.

Note: java applets saved using JiXii are not code-signed and deprecated in the Java 7 environment, though they still work locally as stand-alone apps (double-click the created jar file). For the earlier Java environments a quick tutorial is available.

For earlier OSX 10.1.5-10.7.x, please have a look at the archive.

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